RUST AVENUE BRIDGE WHANGAREI Arcwell Engineering Ltd worked with United Civil Construction ltd on the manufacture and installation of the guardrails for the new Rust Avenue Bridge in Whangarei. Arcwell worked through design details with the designers and constructors to arrive at an aesthetic and cost effective solution. Manufactured from Galvanized steel posts and top rail with Stainless Steel tensioned wire rope intermediate rails. Another quality infrastructure project that we have helped to bring to fruition.

MORNINGSIDE STORMWATER UPGRADE Arcwell Engineering ltd were pleased to work with United Civil Construction ltd in the upgrading of the Morningside storm water route. Arcwell constructed all the necessary grates and handrails for the two large culverts running under the railway station yard. The project included four handrails and pedestrian barriers along with eight large opening grates to prevent debris from blocking the culvert. Arcwell made and installed the handrails and grates alongside United Civil ltd.

MORNINGSIDE PEDESTRIAN ACCESS BRIDGE Arcwell Engineering Ltd fabricated and installed protective balustrades for this project in conjunction with United Civil Construction.